You want to keep your candle in perfect condition and you can do this by using one of our luxury gold electroplated candle snuffers. It's not advised to blow out your candle as this can cause sooting or crooked wicks.  Extinguish it by gently placing this snuffer over the flame. The bell of the snuffer is moveable so you can still reach into a well used candle without burning yourself.


Using a candle snuffer will help to keep the wick in the right position and eliminate soot being blown onto the wax, so that next time you light it, it will give a long, clean and even burn. For best results, always trim the wick to 5mm when wax has set, and the best way to do this is with our gold wick trimmers which you can buy with your candle snuffer and receive a discount.


Enjoy with our candles from our Intoxicating, Scottish and Elemental collections.


Check out our other products and accessories which include candles, melts, reed and car diffusers and wax melt warmers.

Candle Snuffer

  • Materials: electroplated stainless steel


    Delivery can take 1-2 weeks from date of order.

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