This beautiful unique hand crafted wooden wax melt warmer will set off any home, just use by warming the wax with an unscented tealight candle and comes with a small sample pack of melts (2 melt pack), as well as the glass bowl and glass tealight holder.


This style of warmer is made using quality hardwoods including oak and elm.  Each warmer is unique depending on which wood has been used, so will vary from the images provided in patina and wood darkness/lightness.


This would make a fantastic present for someone and if you'd like to send this as a gift, you can add a personalised message card and have it sent directly to the recipient.


This size of warmer can take two pieces of wax melts at each time but do not use more than that to prevent overflowing.


Enjoy with our wax melts from our Intoxicating, Scottish and Elemental collections.


Check out our other products which include candles, reed diffusers and room & linen sprays.

Handmade Wooden Wax Melt Warmer

  • Materials: Hardwood, glass


    Measurements: Height: 14cm (inc. glass bowl); width: 12cm


    Variations are to be expected due to it being a handmade product. This can include, but is not limited to:


    •Slight colour variations
    •Slight size variations
    •Slight character variations

    Returns can not be accepted on grounds of slight variation.


    Delivery can take up to 2 weeks from date of order.



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