Reed diffusers are a great way to scent your room if you don't like using a candle or wax melt warmer in a specific room, such as a bathroom or bedroom.


Our refills are designed to be used with our 100ml square glass containers once you have used up the original diffuser oil.  The refill oil can be decanted into your square diffuser bottle so you don't need to throw it away and because we use glass and aluminium in our refill bottles, these can be safely recycled.


You may not have to replace your reeds straight away, so you have the option to buy these with or without your refill bottle.


Safety and care tips:


  • Do not dispose of old diffuser oil down the sink, it should not be allowed into the water system as they can be harmful or even toxic to aquatic life.
  • Do not put a different fragrance into your diffuser bottle and use the same reeds as the previous fragrance scents don't mix well and it won't smell nice.
  • You may get another few months of life out of your current fibre reeds so won't always need to change them for new ones., but do keep flipping them occasionally to reinvigorate the reeds.

Check out our candles and wax melts which are also available.

Reed Diffuser Refill

Scent Choice
  • Materials: 100ml glass container, seven fibre reeds


    Ingredients: Diffuser oil base, fragrance oil


    Each reed diffuser is lovingly hand poured and delivery can take up to 2 weeks from date of order.

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